Engineering services and planning consultancy through

all stages of product development

Advisory services and calculations – from ideas to realisation

Close communication with our clients is at the core of our work and ensures optimal material usage. State of the art technology, extensive knowledge and years of experience all combine to guarantee the best possible outcome when you plan or optimise your product. We are passionate about what we do and never lose sight of the big picture even when we look at the most intricate details.

Our advice and calculations will get your product onto the market quicker. You benefit from optimal material efficiency as well as lower production and development costs, for example through the comparison of different variants of your product without producing real prototypes. We offer innovative and optimised material utilisation so you can improve your product quality and secure your market position. You get to know your product better, from the very start.

Our operation centres on working with composite materials. We have gained over ten years of experience constructing, calculating and realising composite projects for the aviation and Formula 1 industries. Now that composite materials are finding their way into more and more sectors, you can be one step ahead.

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