Webinar | January 25th, 2024 |16:00 CET

AutoFEA – Accel­er­ating Struc­tural Bonding Analysis by 80%

Explore AutoFEA - the module for auto­mated compu­ta­tion of stan­dard­ised adhe­sive bonds, cutting adhe­sive joint design time and costs by up to 80%.

Re-watch this exclu­sive webinar held on January 25th about calcbond’s AutoFEA feature! This module enables effi­ciently perform in-depth bonded joint analysis using the finite element method. Receive analysis results within minutes, boosting your deci­sion-making and design eval­u­a­tion without the need for in-house CAE resources.

calcbond Live Webinar #1 - AutoFEA

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