Webinar | February 29th, 2024 |16:00 CET

Explore the analyt­ical toolbox on calcbond

Re-watch the recording of our exclu­sive webinar now, which took place on February 29th. Discover how the analyt­ical toolbox on calcbond allows you to pre-inves­ti­gate your adhe­sive joint with simple and fast analyt­ical solu­tions within seconds. Gain a deeper under­standing of the results using the calcbond design explorer.

calcbond Live Webinar #2 - Analyt­ical Toolbox & Design Explorer

What to Expect

Our in-depth webinar will cover the inno­v­a­tive work­flow and features of the Analyt­ical Toolbox and Design Explorer, including:

  • Design Analysis: Performing light­ning-fast design analysis for single lap joints
  • Joint Strength Eval­u­a­tion: Lever­aging advanced analyt­ical methods to eval­uate design influ­ences on bond line stresses.
  • Fast Para­meter Studies: Exploring joint design vari­a­tions within seconds using the analyt­ical design explorer
  • Auto­mated Reporting: Managing and sharing calcu­la­tion results through the auto­mated PDF report

In the 30-minute session, you’ll learn to:

  • Get access to an all-in-one ecosystem for adhe­sive joint design with calcbond
  • Retrieve data from calcbond’s mate­rial data­base
  • Generate and assess results within seconds
  • Boost your deci­sion making for stan­dard bonding appli­ca­tions

Tailored for struc­tural engi­neers, calcbond users, mechan­ical engi­neering students, and profes­sionals inter­ested in light­weight engi­neering, this webinar is a must for those striving for effi­ciency and preci­sion in struc­tural analysis with adhe­sives.

Spots are filling up fast, and you won’t want to miss this oppor­tu­nity to be at the fore­front of struc­tural engi­neering inno­va­tion.

Meet the Experts

The session will be led by Axel Reinsch (CEO of ar-engi­neers) and Fabian Nowacki (Head of Engi­neering), industry experts with deep exper­tise in struc­tural analysis.

»calcbond is my trusted companion as a Euro­pean Adhe­sive Engi­neer, special­izing in bonded struc­tures on ships. Its seam­less func­tion­ality stream­lines my calcu­la­tions, ensuring the robust­ness of these essen­tial compo­nents. With calcbond, I confi­dently provide accu­rate results, crucial for our maritime projects’ success.«

Andreas Brehme, ABEKINGRASMUSSEN Schiffs- und Yachtwerft SE
Dipl.-Ing. | Naval Archi­tect | EAE

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